Day Two

On the second morning we again woke up at bright sunlight although it had been a short and cold night. After our breakfast we took the same equipment and went further than yesterday, this time towards the national park. On that way we found various butterfly species, such as Pieris brassicea, Brenthis ino, Brenthis daphne and even Neptis Sappho! That was quite cool, as Neptis Sappho is a species we can’t find back home. We also put a lot of effort in getting a closer look on the Nymphalis c-album, but unfortunately that didn’t work out. Maybe we have more luck tomorrow. Later we climbed up a little hill to see the Imperial Eagle which didn’t show up either. At least we heard the Golden Hammer singing!

After the lunch break we listened to the next two lectures about mimicry and convergence given from our student group. To close the theory lesson we put on a documentary about birds of prey in Hungary. Looking at birds like the Imperial Eagle and the Red Footed Falcon was interesting – we hope that we’ll see them live and in colour when visiting the Hortobágy puszta.

In the evening a student presented his project for the synthetic biological competition iGem to the group, which let to several discussions about synthetic biology.


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